Wiryawan Sofyan: Simple Yet Powerful Triggers That Results in Sales Closing

- Sabtu, 25 Maret 2023 | 08:09 WIB

Simple yet powerful triggers that results in sales closing...

1. Storytelling
Connect both a logical and emotional level.
( Use case studies and real world examples)

2. Simpicity
Our message must be clear and concise. Demonstrate simple solutions, big benefits.

3. Make people curious
Dramatize new updated information, new solutions.

4. Provide proof
Give people access to testimonials and review.

5. Make customers matter
Show them direct access to who can answer their questions, concerns, inquiries

6. Scarcity
Great motivation to persuade people to react, make decision
( Limited availability, only x number in stock, for a limited time offer etc)

Happy selling, powerful closing, let us celebrating.
See You at the top !

Editor: Redaksi Kami


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